Microsoft Promotes First Game Jam 100% Online

If you are the type of person who is interested in games, then surely you have heard of “Game Jams”! For those who do not know, these are face-to-face or virtual meetings for game developers, focusing on creating a game in a short time.

These meetings are essential for industry and culture! Do you know why? These are unique occasions to enjoy networking and put into practice various technical and even emotional skills. They encourage you to come out of inertia and really get your hands dirty.

Game Jam 100% Online

Game Jam was a great example of that! Between the 16th and 17th of February, five teams developed independent games for Windows, in first edition and completely online. That’s right! They used a collaboration platform with Microsoft Teams.

The objective, as mentioned above, was to promote several interactions, among them: exchanges of information, experiences, documents and other actions related to the creation of games. Everything a developer needs, don’t you think?

The content presented by the Xbox / Team Game was available to the platform participants, thus allowing the development of projects. At the end of the event, each project would be carefully analyzed to present the winning team.

Find out below how the organization of the first edition of the Game Jam 100% was elaborated!

Event schedule

This event provided the guests with the challenge of creating games with the theme “Invisible people”. It is interesting to note that, because it is allied to Microsoft’s commitment to diversity, the creations should contain elements referring to the inclusion of different profiles of society.

Thus, the teams had full freedom in their creations to develop the ideation, programming and design of the games. In addition, they were able to choose and use tools, graphics engines and libraries that they deemed appropriate.

During the 48 hours, these teams held meetings with specialists to analyze the progress of the projects and the fulfillment of the goals previously established. It was certainly a unique experience for all the guests!

Aiming at sharing content and collaborations, each of the teams relied on the Microsoft Teams environment, taking advantage of the material management capabilities developed by the team leaders.

The director of the modern work environment at Microsoft Brazil mentioned that the use of Microsoft Teams allowed the groups to develop their projects in real time and with the necessary resources for collaboration between them. He also reports that it was a way to increase productivity and facilitate the exchange of information remotely.
They were able to edit documents simultaneously! It’s not too much?

Project Evaluation

The evaluation was carried out by the evaluation panel (composed of game specialists) based on the following criteria:
• Use of the theme.
• Creativity.
• Fun.
• Innovation.
• Graphic quality.
• Audio quality.

From that, the panel of evaluators managed to choose the winning group!


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The reward for the winning team was to be part of an exclusive mentoring program by Esteban Lora (Partnership Manager at Microsoft Studios and one of those responsible for ID @ Xbox), in addition, among the prizes was the opportunity to visit the Center Microsoft Technology (MTC).

Bruno Motta, who is manager of Xbox – Microsoft Brazil, said that the company has been constantly investing in Games around the world and that it couldn’t be different in our country. The intention of the event was to encourage the development of national games and to offer training and learning opportunities to the developers, through training and mentoring for the winners.

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