How To Evaluate The Quality Of Your Accommodation Service?

When hosting is not appropriate, the pages on your site can constantly drop or even go down. One thing is for sure: to have a website, you will need quality service. That way, you will avoid headaches in the future.

Therefore, before hiring a hosting company, it is essential to research and analyze what the service offered is really like. But how do you know if you are investing in something of quality?

You can start by looking at the company’s history. Then check the reviews of other people who have joined her services, in addition to the guarantees that are offered. But will it be if only these actions will be enough?

There are other issues to take into account when assessing service quality. For example, we have separated 5 valuable tips for you to choose the best one. Check it out below!

Tip # 1 – Talk to someone who has used hosting.

Of course, each case is different, but talking to people in the field is a great start. That way, you will know where you are “stepping”. For example: Talk to web developers and get all your questions answered!

Ask questions and try to understand the reasons that led you to choose that hosting service. These advices can help in your decision making!

Tip # 2 – Stability and emergency support

Another way to analyze the quality of the service is to pay attention to the stability and support offered, because at some point, you will need emergency care. The accommodation will be good if you can attend to the technical aspects and guarantee good support when an emergency arises.

Tip # 3 – Measure your SLA.

If you are researching about hosting, you have certainly heard of SLA. For those who don’t know, the acronym stands for “Service Level Agreement”, which translated into Portuguese means “Service Level Agreement”.

This acronym represents how much the service will be available during the month, which includes hosting the website itself such as FTP, e-mail service, databases and others. In addition, it is possible to measure the SLA or Uptime using tools that simulate a user who registers and notifies those responsible to reestablish their services in case of failure.

Obviously, the SLA calculation is calculated by the market volume and the services contracted for the customer. If he hires a larger plan, the value for him will also be higher.

Tip # 4 – Latency and speed for transferring a file.

This tip is super important, because in addition to interfering with the quality of your hosting service, it will also influence the ranking of the site on Google.

It is always a way of coming and going, both for those who are going to host the site that should have a quick update speed, and for those who access the site through the internet who wait for the quantity of the package purchased.
If your hosting has this good file transfer speed, it will only depend on the person on the other side who is entering the site.

Tip # 5 – Analyze the hosting using tools.

Our last tip is to evaluate and compare the accommodations, to identify which is best for you and which is best for your need. For that we can count on some comparative SEO analysis tools that will help you to detect possible errors, such as, for example, the excessive time for opening the site.

The most used tools are Hubspot and Woorank.
Also know that the DNS Network tools site can identify errors and even linked emails.

What did you think of our suggestions? We are always making content like this available!


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