What is a hosting server?

Many people have doubts on this subject, after all, not all are tech nerds. Therefore, in this article we will answer some basic questions, such as:
• what is website hosting
• website hosting how it works
• Among other subjects related to the theme.

What is website hosting for

A server is basically a location that controls access to a particular network on the internet. We can also call it a computer system, which provides information to the network.

Why do I need an internet server?

When purchasing a domain for your website, you must hire hosting for that domain. What is website hosting? For your website to work, when hiring hosting, it is as if you were paying a rent, to keep your site allocated on a certain server.

What does the Server do?

It is the server’s responsibility to take care of the information on your site, so that no one person has access to the information on your site, for example: registered people, logins, e-mails and etc. Also, the Server is responsible for:

• optimize access,
• chat conversations,
• web page caching functions and
• others.

The internet servers, where domains, logins and others are allocated, are locations with extreme security, with various types of security systems, also their infrastructure is made so that the entire server never happens to fall.

What are the types of Servers?

  • VPS, this type of server is an intermediary between shared services and dedicated servers and machines.
  • Shared, this type of server is where the space and resources that are shared by small users.
  • Cloud, these servers offer space equal to shared servers, but can be scalable.
  • Reseller, this type is where there is an account on a shared server, but it has additional tools that allow the user to resell part of the server.
  • Colocated servers, this type of server places your hardware in racks, or equipment, inside the servers of the web hosting company.
  • Dedicated, this type is where you rent a server of your own in the company you chose and you can use it however you want the space.

Hosting sites Price

Website hosting monthly payment? Yes, but it depends on the accommodation. There is hosting with free domain, but here is a caveat.

There is no point in storing your website on a free hosting service if the service does not provide the service you need. So the tip here is: research a lot! There are many tutorials on the internet that offer cheap and reliable hosting options.

Hostgator, for example, offers hosting with plans of R $ 24.99 per month. And they offer first class service, including for beginners.

A reliable server has the advantage of having a much larger amount of storage than others.
Quality Servers

Cloud or cloud servers are basically several servers working as one.

When you then save your files to the cloud, you’ll be saving a little bit on Google, Amazon, and other servers.
Most servers use this option, because if there is a failure, the others assume the load, thus being more secure.

This is good for the Host and the customer, because the service is cheaper, more secure, the customer has more scalability, security and can access information from wherever he wants.

In this type of hosting, the disadvantages are few, but you should pay attention to the company you are hiring.

How to choose the best hosting plan or which server to choose?

This is a very important moment, be careful with small companies, which are being born in relation to the server (Not that they are bad, however, they may lack infrastructure, and thus cause more server crashes, more vulnerable protection. If you choose a smaller server, put less important projects).

Choose the ideal hosting for your web project

Always opt for companies that have been in the market for longer, today there are several companies that provide this service with totally affordable prices and already with the SSL certificate.

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