5 Website Trends For 2020

Do you want to start the year by leveraging your business? Then it is time to create a website or review your website with the new trends for 2020.

Want to meet some of them?

Full page images

Images play an extremely important role in your sales. That’s because people tend to connect much more with images than text. Generally, in an online store, for example, the tendency is to put a product and description next to it.

Now the visual part will be the one that will have the most evidence. The full-page, centered, self-evident images draw much more attention and arouse consumer desire for that product.

Broken grid layouts

Standard design templates are no longer drawing so much attention in the huge showcase of internet items. The use of broken grid layout will be a strong trend in 2020.

The broken grid draws the user’s attention to important points of the website, especially on larger screens, emphasizing some action or portfolio, for instance.

Mobile responsive site

Do you know that most people access the internet through their phones and tablets? This means that your website must be configured and optimized for better viewing of these devices.

Although pc access is still surviving, its use is increasingly becoming obsolete. To draw consumer attention, the big trend for 2020 is sites that meet the standard of phones and tablets, optimizing for all screens.

This kind of trend is nothing more than the development of content and experiences that have been designed to serve on various mobile devices.

The difference with a company’s failure or success lies in understanding these market nuances and adapting to them. And the use of mobiles on the internet is the newest trend.

WhatsApp button

Who doesn’t use WhatsApp today? This messaging application is even being used for online businesses. It is part of the life of more than 90 percent of modern society.

It makes sense, therefore, that your company’s website has a WhatsApp specific button, which can make consumer’s life much easier.

Through the app, they can share news from a blog, offers and other options. What’s more, these tools can be a source of marketing for your business, as it’s so easy to use.

Having a WhatsApp button on your website will make all the difference in the year 2020 as the vast majority of companies are already adhering to this trend.

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Animated Elements

Many people rule out the use of animations on a website for fear of affecting page load and consequently the site is badly ranked on google.

But consumers are also adept at movement and interaction. The strong tendency for websites in the year 2020 is to include much more than just images and static text that end up boring the consumer.

Bet on these trends on your website and keep up with the latest in the technology world.

Let’s do the difference on this online world with our tips? Share with us your doubts above.

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